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How to get Messenger working?


Do I need to have a Spotify App?

You can hear the first 30seconds of each song for free without having a Spotify account. If you wish to hear the whole playlist, joining Spotify is free.

Do I need to have Soundcloud App to hear the stories?

You will have a better experience if download the free Soundcloud App and have a free account. However, you can still listen to the stories without by using the Soundcloud website.

Where does the Tour start?


Do I have to do the whole Tour?

The tours are designed for your convenience, giving you control where and when to use them. The stories, music and locations are in apps familiar to many users and you can use these as is convenient for you.

If I want more information on a subject, where can I find it?

See the page with further information. Or contact us or email DunfermlineTours@gmail.com

How much for the Tours cost?

FREE 🙂 If you enjoy them please say so to your friends and family. Make sure to give us a review via our Facebook page or on Trip Advisor. Share your stories far and wide.

How can I use the tour?

You will need a smart device which runs iOS 13 or Android 8, headphones to listen to the audio and access to the web browser on the device. To start go to [link to landing page]

Is there an App?

We have all the information accessible through your device’s browser. For the best experience, you can download some Apps to benefit from their excellent user interfaces. However, if you do not wish to install their free apps, you will still be able to take our Tours, all for free!

Who paid for this?

Dunfermline is a wonderfully friendly place, we hope you will discover this in the shops, restaurants and other places you visit. Local heritage partners, residents and businesses have contributed to these tours because we want visitors and resident to have a great experience and leave with a new sense of pride about Dunfermline’s past, present and future. Please see the list of thank-yous [link] if you want more details.

I’ve done the Tour – what or where from?

There are five other free Digital Tours and we also offer a free Welcome Walk weekly in the winter and Monday to Saturday in the spring, summer and autumn [www.bit.ly/DunfermlineTours]. If you would like to visit local venue or stop for some food, we have some suggestions [link WHAT OR WHERE NEXT]

What other Tours are there? and who are they for?

[link to landing page] Urban Safari Mysteries Soundtrack Royal International

How can I start the Tour

[link] Landing page

Where is Dunfermline?

Glasgow is under an hour away by car. In 30 minutes we can be in Edinburgh and at Edinburgh airport in 20 minutes. Just the other side of the UNESCO World Heritage Forth Bridge. Here’s the centre point [Google coord:56.071370,-3.461640]. If you are aware of What3Words map then our Mercat Cross is at: define.memo.poet [https://what3words.com/define.memo.poet]

How do I get to Dunfermline

Look at Traveline Scotland.

Where does Welcome Walk begin

Look at Traveline Scotland
What3Word location alien.funny.ants and Google Coord: 56.071177, -3.462898

What business links to content/audience?

Record Shop, Live venues, theatres.

If it is raining where can we get shelter?

Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Museums and venues in Heriatge Quarter, Fire Station Creative, Ceramic Cafe.

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