Big Country

Who in the band?
Bruce Watson (guitar),
Stuart Adamson (guitar),
Mark Brzezicki (drummer) and
Tony Butler (bass)

When formed? 

Where formed?

The band’s website notes Adamson and Watson had “a shared vision of widescreen guitar melody, harmony and lyric…”

Debut album The crossing, 1983 – 3 Grammy nominations, single ‘In a Big Country’ sold over 2 million copies. 

Key dates in the band life Playlist – top 10 on Spotify played?

The band’s first tour invite was in 1981 to support Alice Cooper, however as noted in Adamson’s biography by Allan Glen, there was a change after only two days, “Even Cooper thought the band were too strange.” And Big Country returned home! Stuart Adamson In a Big Country, Allan Glen, Edinburgh, 2010, p59 “When Adamson was asked what he hoped his musical legacy would be, he said he would like to be remembered not for the gold discs or the sold-out shows but in a simpler way. ‘I want to be able to sit back and think, “Well, maybe I did make a worthwhile contribution.” Few would doubt that he did.”

Band bio

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