Fiction Or Fact?

William Shakespeare influenced the minds of millions with his story of Macbeth. Have you heard it? Written to flatter King James VI of Scotland and newly coronated as James I of England (more of him later) Shakespeare told a story that exaggerated the animosity and heightened the tension while casting Lady Macbeth as having a terrible character. The man depicted as murdered by Macbeth in the Scottish Play was King Duncan I, that was in reality, Malcolm III’s (also known as Malcolm Canmore) father, King Duncan. 

Away from the play in the real world, King Duncan killed Macbeth in battle, Malcolm was young and was sent away for safety, possibly to Edward the Confessor’s court in England. When aged 26, Malcolm returned to Scotland and is credited with killing Macbeth in 1057 and his successor, stepson King Lulach in 1058. Canmore was crowned at Scone in 1058 as Malcolm III, King of Scots and the House of Dunkeld legacy lasted a further 250 years.

The structure here has medieval foundations, local legend links this location to Malcolm III. One interpretation of Dunfermline’s name refers to a fort structure on a hill (Dun) near a bend (fear) in the river (Linn). Alternative names and meanings have come and gone In the nearly 1000 years since Malcolm settled in this area.

Malcolm III, King of Scots 1034 – 1093
Malcolm III of Scotland

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