Bench at side of church

N1: Now that is one interesting story…as we leave this enclosure go around the corner to the right.  I know we’ve only just started but whilst I tell you a bit about where she came from, you have a choice of places to sit.  If you want to get the medieval feel, take a seat on the bench that is said to have been made out of a piece of marble from the shrine. I think I’m going to go for the rather more comfortable modern one next to it.

N1: Margaret’s story starts long before she ever came here and even has a link to a battle almost everyone is told about in primary school. She was born around 1046 into a royal Saxon family whilst they were in exile in Hungary.   When she was still quite young, the family returned to England, her father hoping to return to court and rule the country, but fast forward to 1066… ring any bells from your history lessons?

N2: That’ll be the Battle of Hastings.

N1: You’ve got it.  That event changed England from being a Saxon country to one now ruled by the Normans.  Long story short, William the Conqueror’s victory at Hastings put her Saxon family in danger and they fled for their lives once again.   

N1: Come and take a look out over the wall straight ahead, over there.  It’s a gorgeous view over the Firth of Forth.

N2: Yes, I’m sure it’s all very lovely. (slightly tinge humour/sarcasm) But what’s happened to the fleeing family?  When are we getting back to that?  

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