The Kinema

The Kinema is legendary for music locally and also for the community effort that has been generated as a result of love for it. Ghoulz runs a website where all the information you could imagine about the building is contained. When built, who by, when changed hands? Questions of who played here? The website is incredible, worth a sit down to browse the content with reviews, biographies of the bands and you can share your own personal memories. All done as a volunteer and community effort for the love of music and the Kinema of Dunfermline.

One band that never made it was The Beatles. Hear local journalist Willie Livingston tell the story:

There are four decades included on the Spotify playlist below. Artists and the songs of the period they played the Kinema, choose the decades you remember! 

Kinemagigz – History
Kinemagigz – Actz

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